A new chapter..

I really am getting useless at this blogging thing aren’t I? After my house move, things have been a little bit hectic, in-fact so hectic that I kind of lost my passion for writing about makeup – shocker I know!

I figured that if I wasn’t enjoying writing, then I shouldn’t. There is nothing worse than reading a half-arsed post when you can tell there is no genuine passion or flare behind the writing. So, I decided to stop!

I actually stopped buying makeup too; I began to look at my collection and really think about how much money I had spent on it all – the answer was a lot. A lot more than I could actually afford and I began to realise that there are a lot more important things out there than buying makeup (gasp!).

I still love makeup, don’t get me wrong! But, since moving house, a lot has been put into perspective. I don’t want to stop writing on this blog all together and I would love to continue blabbing on about my favourite eyeshadows, but I would also like to include a lot more lifestyle related posts and write about other things that inspire or excite me.

I have lots to tell you guys, some of it very exciting to me…so…keep your eyes peeled for my up-coming posts!

I’ve missed you guys!



Bedroom Tour – The Video!

Hello lovelies,

As you may already know, I moved into my new home on Saturday. Seeing as I now have my bedroom looking how I want it to, I thought I should probably do a bedroom tour!

I tried to be as creative as I could with this video without it being boring, so I hope you enjoy!

Life update!

I’m not going to deny it, I have completely let my blog go these last couple of months. Life has been mental! Sometimes, it’s very hard to find the time to sit down and write a decent blog post and put your heart into it.

Big changes are currently happening in my life, I have decided to move out of my current home with my boyfriend and live by myself in a really lovely flat. In all honesty, I have been wanting to do this since the beginning of the year, but never found anything affordable and I suppose I lacked confidence in doing it. Anyway, it’s all happening and on Saturday I will be entering my new home with the company of my cats – yep, I’m going to be a crazy cat lady.

It’s going to be scary, but it’s a new chapter that I am excited to embark on.

Expect to hear a lot more from me, I’ve got lots of things lined up and also a nicer background for my YouTube videos! The carpet in the current room I film in genuinely makes me angry – it’s vile!

Anyway…not sure what else to say! Everything is a bit hectic, but once the move has happened, I will be blog, blog, blogging away! I’ve missed it.

Hope you are all doing well you lovely lot!


Summer Lovin’

The weather in the UK at the moment is absolutely bea-uuuutiful, so that inspired me to purchase this lovely floral print skater dress from New Look! I think it’s absolutely gorgeous, fun, flirty and perfect for the summer months. I paired it with black tights and black wedges for drinks with friends last night. I was going to go bare legged, but I need a bit more of a tan first! Oh and as you can see, my hairs gone a bit lighter! I decided to go blonder for the summer 🙂

summer outfit skater dress

No Foundation Challenge!

Those who know me, will already know that foundation is a big part of my routine. I’ve never really had the confidence to go out without any on, even to the shops. I used to suffer from terrible acne as a teenager, so I guess my reliance on a good foundation came from then.

My skin is a lot better now, I still have marks and blemishes appearing all too often, but it’s better than it was. On saturday I decided to go out without any foundation on – at all. I applied a little bit of concealer onto where I felt like I needed, but other than that, nothing! I thought I would set myself a little challenge and go without any foundation for a week!

Luckily I got myself a bit of a tan over the weekend, so I feel much more confident to stride out the house without anything on my skin. In fact, it actually feels really nice and I can already see my skin relishing in the results. So, I am currently on day 3 of my challenge, do you think I can go without it all week?

Why don’t you give it a try and see if your skin loves it too?

No Foundation Challenge