Summer Lovin’

The weather in the UK at the moment is absolutely bea-uuuutiful, so that inspired me to purchase this lovely floral print skater dress from New Look! I think it’s absolutely gorgeous, fun, flirty and perfect for the summer months. I paired it with black tights and black wedges for drinks with friends last night. I was going to go bare legged, but I need a bit more of a tan first! Oh and as you can see, my hairs gone a bit lighter! I decided to go blonder for the summer 🙂

summer outfit skater dress


A “Grown Up” Wishlist…

Every now and then (actually, very rarely) I step away from looking for makeup and get a bit more grown up with my online “window shopping”. That’s where I turn to Home & Garden bits and pieces, imagining how they would look in my home, and how comfy that new sofa would be.

I decided to throw together another wishlist, this time from John Lewis, of all the things I would love in my home! They have so many lovely things which made it hard to choose, so I kept it simple and went for these four items below..

John Lewis Wishlist


Why not do the same and make your own wishlist? It’s actually quite fun! Go over to John Lewis website here and see what you would pick out! I’d love to see your choices.


A slightly bit more daring..

So yesterday I showed my all black outfit, explaining that I wasn’t very comfortable getting my legs out. I’m still not comfortable, as I know I don’t have ultra long, slender and toned legs (stupid genes) but I thought, why not whack em out for a bit!

So I did (in the privacy of my own home) and thought I would show the outfit with the added extra of my milk white pins. They really need some loving from the sun!


Back to Black

Even though it’s an absolutely gorgeous sunny day outside, I decided to go for all black assemble today. Your usual sun inspired outfit is full of brights, pastels and patterns but I felt a bit “basic” , although in my opinion, black is never boring!

I’m wearing a black skater dress from Topshop, in a wait for it…..size 10! I’m sure it’s probably a large size 10 as I’m usually a 12-14, but I’m going to enjoy the moment while it lasts.

As I’m a bit shy when it comes to showing off my legs, I chucked on a pair of tights, which of course adds even more black to the outfit, but that’s what I was going for (honest!).

The shoes/boots are a new pair from Missguided, which I have to say, I bloody love! I love the detail of the hole in the sides, to add a bit of edgyness and gives that “I’m not prim and proper” look. Which, I definitely am not!

All together, I like this outfit a lot. It’s basic, black, slimming and easily wearable! What do you think?

033 040 027 026 021

My Avenue 32 Wishlist!

Well hellooo there!

I was contacted from a lovely lady to take part in their wishlist campaign and I thought it would be fun to join in. Avenue 32 is a luxury women’s fashion online store which boasts a vast amount of gorgeous and stylish clothes! Of course, as it’s a luxury store it is a little out of my price range (and I’m sure a lot of my readers too!) but it’s always fun to compose a wishlist, so I got stuck in! And hey, if we happen to find a big bag of money somewhere, we know where to head now! (If you do find a big bag of money, it’s probably best to tell the police first haha!).

PicMonkey Collage

My favourite item is the Huishan Zhang dress. It’s elegant, classy and can still be styled to be more edgy, possibly with the plum coloured furry jacket included in the wish list. I can imagine this stealing the show at a posh event (even though I never tend to go to anything posh, I’m a right country bumpkin). 

I also bloomin’ love the trousers, which I can imagine pairing with a casual slouchy black top/jumper on shopping trips and just general casual kinda days! The jumper I included would look pretty swish with them too, paired with those gorgeous royal blue Chelsea boots – yes please! 

And to add a splash of colour, I added the neon orange bag, on trend and perfect for spring. I would happily carry this beauty around with me all day! I think it belongs to be with me in my life, right now!

So there you have it, my Avenue 32 wishlist. Would you pick any  of the things I chose? Have a peek over at their site here and see what you would fancy?

A Bit Of Va Va Voom For Your Wardrobe..

I happened to come across a lovely and  unique clothing store on twitter not so long ago, called Veuxdoo!

They turn vintage clothing into modern garments with a twist and their accessories are eye-catching to say the least, something I love about them! I had to actually stop myself from going a bit mental with the purchase button and contain myself to only buy two items. Of course, when pay-day comes, you can guarantee I will be back on there snooping for more purchases and watching my bank balance decrease.

You never really know what to expect when it comes to a new store, especially when it’s online, but when I received my goodies, I was extremely impressed with the quality. The T-Shirt is nice and thick and just the right fit, and the necklace chain, considering the price, is sturdy and doesn’t feel cheap at all. This resulted in a very pleased me!

I went for the army print baggy t-shirt, as I thought it would look cool for a casual look, with leggins or disco pants, paired with creepers! And it does look perfect matched together, thanks Veuxdoo, you beauties!

I also chose the Hamsa Hand black necklace which I absolutely love, it goes perfectly with a white crop top or even with the army t-shirt. An absolute treat! My order arrived so quickly which I was really thankful for, as they packed and sent them off themselves that weekend. Another thing to rave about is their customer service, they seem like genuinely lovely people and take the time to reply back to you and ask you if you like your order. You don’t get that kinda service with larger brands!

Check these guys out if you are looking for something different, with a bit of quirky edgy-ness to it. I think you will be drawn in quickly, just like I was…but don’t blame me when your a bit skint after visiting…