How to deal with a “Gamer Boyfriend”

Boyfriends, should spend their every-waking moment satisfying your needs (I don’t mean that in a naughty way, but…actually, yeah that too). They should give you all their attention, wine and dine you frequently and buy you pretty things all of the time….

Of course, I’m only joking..*coughs*

But my boyfriend is a gamer, not just a gamer that occasionally sits at his computer for an hour, I mean a full-on, hours on end kind of gamer. And, naturally, this can be a bit of a pain at times (most of the time). However, fighting against it isn’t the best course of action, at all.

I have learnt my lesson that having little strops does not make the situation any better, in fact it only makes it worse. After all, gaming is his passion, so who am I to take that away from him? I shouldn’t stop him doing something he enjoys, because that is not what a relationship is about and blah blah blah.

If I was to give him the ultimatum of me or the PC, I’m pretty sure it would be the PC, and I guess I’m okay with that because that was there first and I walked into the relationship knowing full well what the deal was, in fact…no healthy relationship should have any ultimatums flying around.

So, after a few months of struggling, I have finally learnt how to deal with it, so I thought I would share a few points to you other girls out there with game obsessed boyfriends.

Join in – You may find it boring, but at least you tried. I actually received a headset for Christmas from him and it enables me to join in and spend time with him that way. It seems to make him happy, which makes me happy. Win win!

Try not to complain – Don’t sigh, don’t complain, don’t storm out. Trust me, I’ve done all those and it only ends up creating issues. It makes them feel guilty for enjoying their hobby and it doesn’t end up making you feel any better.

If you don’t want to play, sit and watch – Again, it might bore you, but I’m sure they would love to have you sit and watch (and pretend to be interested). It’s also spending time together, so you aren’t sitting waiting for his attention for hours!

Make compromises – It’s not all about him, definitely not! He should also make time to chill with you, if he doesn’t, punch him in the face! (Don’t actually do that, that is abuse). But, basically, if he isn’t giving you any of his time, ditch him!

Ask him questions – Ask what he’s playing, engage in a conversation and genuinely be (or at least act) interested. I’ve noticed this helps a lot and then opens them up to engage in more of a conversation and he can share his hobby with you.

Hopefully these may help some of you girlies out there struggling with your game nerd of a boyfriend. Remember, it isn’t all about them though and they should also take an interest in you and your hobbies. (Oh yeah and please ignore the slightly cheesy image, it was literally the only decent one I could find..haha!)




Pink hair!

Welll helloooo there!

I’ve noticed I’ve had a few new followers lately, so hey guys! But this also made me consciousĀ of the fact that I really need to post more instead of being a lazy so and so!

So, I thought I would share a few plans with you, mainly the plans of my hair, know, it’s important information.

As you may guess from the title, I am going to be dying my hair pink! Pastel pink to be precise! However, this could end up going extremely terribly and with my track record of hair, it probably will.

So, I guess I’m looking for a bit of advice. What’s best to use? What method worked best for you? Please, please share your thoughts as I really don’t want to end up with orange hair or have it all fall out, cause that could happen…(definitely not being over-dramatic there…).

So..yeah, share your thoughts and advise and I will love you forever- promise!

(I’ve added a photo of me now…as some of you may not even know that I now have blonde hair…it’s been THAT long!)