A new chapter..

I really am getting useless at this blogging thing aren’t I? After my house move, things have been a little bit hectic, in-fact so hectic that I kind of lost my passion for writing about makeup – shocker I know!

I figured that if I wasn’t enjoying writing, then I shouldn’t. There is nothing worse than reading a half-arsed post when you can tell there is no genuine passion or flare behind the writing. So, I decided to stop!

I actually stopped buying makeup too; I began to look at my collection and really think about how much money I had spent on it all – the answer was a lot. A lot more than I could actually afford and I began to realise that there are a lot more important things out there than buying makeup (gasp!).

I still love makeup, don’t get me wrong! But, since moving house, a lot has been put into perspective. I don’t want to stop writing on this blog all together and I would love to continue blabbing on about my favourite eyeshadows, but I would also like to include a lot more lifestyle related posts and write about other things that inspire or excite me.

I have lots to tell you guys, some of it very exciting to me…so…keep your eyes peeled for my up-coming posts!

I’ve missed you guys!



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