For the first time in a long time, I can truly say that I am feeling “fan-dabby-dosy!”. In other words, I’m pretty ecstatic!

Since I moved house, a lot has changed and all of it for the good. I’m not going to bore you with every single detail, but basically – long story short, I was in a dead end relationship that wasn’t making me happy! We started to make each other feel more miserable than anything and although it was hard -really hard actually – I decided to get up and go and move on with my life. After all, I am not a tree (in case you didn’t notice) and therefore, that means I can move and go wherever I like. If I wasn’t happy, it didn’t make sense to stay in an unhappy environment any longer. Life is too bloody short!

Now, I’ve met someone new and life has suddenly become pretty damn exciting! It’s really nice to have that excitement back that I really, really craved. It’s also nice to make plans and have exciting things lined up..which results in me having a permanent cheshire cat smile plastered all over my face. Yay for me!

It taught me a lesson though, don’t sit around complaining that you are unhappy, because that won’t change a thing. You have to get up and do something about it, even if it scares the shit out of you. It’s worth it!

So, yeah – brace yourselves for more posts about the new man in my life, I’ll try not to be too “lovey-dovey”, promise!


My thoughts on being a makeup enthusiast..

When people ask what my hobby is, I never really know what to respond with. I have things that interest me of course, but not a real “active” hobby as such.

I guess my hobby is makeup, I am a beauty product enthusiast! I spend most my money on new beauty purchases and I can spend hours watching makeup tutorials on YouTube. However, I always seem to feel a bit embarrassed announcing that makeup is my “hobby”. A lot of people’s perception of people who love makeup is often “fake”, “vain” or “bimbo”; I know that I am none of those things, not at all, however I always feel a bit reluctant to go into detail about my passion due to people assuming that this makes you a little…unintelligent?

In fact, the reason I like makeup isn’t just because it’s pretty, it’s the fact that you can do so many things with it. You can unleash your artistic side and change your look depending on your mood. It also takes skill to be able to apply makeup in a flawless and professional way…it’s not just a case of slapping it on your face and your done (although in some people’s case it may be!).

In fact, it takes intelligence to know what goes where, what looks best on who and which colours will suit your complexion. So, in reality I shouldn’t be embarrassed to announce to people that my hobby is makeup. It’s something that interests me and that’s all that matters!

Do any of you ever feel the same? Do you feel a bit reluctant to let the “real” people in your life know about your beauty blog or the fact that you spend most your wages on the stuff?

That’s my thoughts for the day anyway….let me know what you guys feel on the topic?


A new chapter..

I really am getting useless at this blogging thing aren’t I? After my house move, things have been a little bit hectic, in-fact so hectic that I kind of lost my passion for writing about makeup – shocker I know!

I figured that if I wasn’t enjoying writing, then I shouldn’t. There is nothing worse than reading a half-arsed post when you can tell there is no genuine passion or flare behind the writing. So, I decided to stop!

I actually stopped buying makeup too; I began to look at my collection and really think about how much money I had spent on it all – the answer was a lot. A lot more than I could actually afford and I began to realise that there are a lot more important things out there than buying makeup (gasp!).

I still love makeup, don’t get me wrong! But, since moving house, a lot has been put into perspective. I don’t want to stop writing on this blog all together and I would love to continue blabbing on about my favourite eyeshadows, but I would also like to include a lot more lifestyle related posts and write about other things that inspire or excite me.

I have lots to tell you guys, some of it very exciting to me…so…keep your eyes peeled for my up-coming posts!

I’ve missed you guys!