Lookbook For A Curvy Girl – Part 2!

Being a size 14 to some is “fat” and to others it’s far from it. To me, I am relatively happy. I need to tone up (that can wait, I’m too busy enjoying this chocolate bar right now) and I could quite happily wake up being a size 8, but that’s not going to happen without hard work. Although, to tell the truth, I don’t think I actually want to waste my free time covered in sweat and struggling for breath just yet..

You can still look good no matter what size you are, you can still wear whatever you like. So, that’s exactly what I do. I eat what I want, I do what I want and I wear what I bloody want! End of. So, before I start ranting, here’s a few looks for a curvy girl – part 2!

Dress from Missguided, tights from New Look, green bag from Missguided and boots from Tesco!

Crop top from New Look, High Waisted Wide Legged Trousers from New Look and boots from Tesco! I like this outfit because even though you are showing skin, it’s in a flattering spot, and the high waisted trousers cover up the areas you don’t want people to see!

Tie dye top from Missguided, leather side panel legins from Missguided and creepers from New Look! (Sorry, everything seems to be from those two shops!)


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