Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum – Review!

When I look at my makeup collection and count how many foundations I have (10!), it’s pretty clear that I really don’t need anymore. It seems to be one of those things I’m always seeking out, trying to find the perfect one.

I popped into Boots last week and decided to pick up the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum, I had heard it was good and being the foundation lover I am, it was pretty hard to resist. There was two to chose from, the Healthy Mix Serum and the Healthy Mix Liquid Foundation. I opted for the serum as I prefer more gel based foundations, and this one seems to work very nicely.

I quite enjoy the packaging, it’s simple yet effective and relatively small, so you can fit it into your makeup bag with ease. It isn’t the most extravagant, but I like it and for £10.99 it seems to be worth the pennies in my eyes. The smell of the serum is actually really nice, I’m not usually one for perfumed makeup, but this luckily isn’t over powering and I don’t notice it on my face once applied. It just has a nice “fruity” smell to it, in the packaging.

Now, to the interesting part. Is it good? I think so. Would I recommend it? Yes, if you are looking for a light weight, dewy foundation that looks natural on the skin. As I just mentioned, it is a light coverage, however I do find that it covers everything I need it to pretty darn well, and I really like the finish it leaves on the skin. In fact, I might even go as far as saying it’s a very close rival to the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation…and if you know how much I love that, then that really is saying something!

At the moment, I really can’t think of anything bad to say (trust me, I’ve tried). It’s just a good, trustworthy foundation that has now made it’s way into my every day routine. It hasn’t broke me out (yet anyway) and it stays put till the end of my working day. If you are looking for a foundation that has a light coverage, natural but dewy finish and stays put throughout the day, then this may be one to take into consideration. It’s a goodun! P.s I have it in the shade 52.

Bourjous healthy mix serum Bourjous healthy mix serum


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