My “Off to Work” Makeup Routine

Usually, mornings for me are spent rushing around trying to find matching socks or trying to figure out what top will go with my trousers. I know I should prepare every night before I go to bed, but it never seems to happen.

The slightly over dramatic rushing around like a headless chicken, tends to mean I have little time to sit infront of my mirror and concentrate fully on what I’m chucking onto my face. I try to spend no more than 15 minutes applying, just so I can have a teeny bit of time to take a breather and enjoy a coffee. Got to be done!

So, after rushing about and getting myself into a stressy mess, I sit down, take a look at my not so pretty morning face, and attempt to sort it out. To begin with, I moisturise with my Nivea light daily moisturiser, applying generously over my face and neck with no time to let it sink in. Imagine an army general shouting over your shoulder, telling ordering you to hurry up and get it done – that’s how I feel every morning.

Then, with little care I kind of just chuck my foundation on and hope for the best. No time for brushes, just a quick once over with my hands and the jobs done. I tend to vary with what foundation I choose, but it’s usually the trusted Rimmel Wake Me Up. Then, concealer to conceal those nasty blemishes and under eye bags, which usually tends to be the MAC Select Cover Up that is chosen to carry out this particularly important job.

Still rushing about, picking products up and chucking them back down, I then choose what’s going to happen with my eyes. Being the lazy person I am, mixed with extremely bad morning mood, the eyes tend to be very minimal (and very rushed). I just whack on my MAC Paintpot in Groundwork, attempt to draw the straightest line I can with my Topshop gel liner and then a quick once over on the lashes with whatever Mascara I choose on the day. At the moment it’s the Loreal Telescopic.

With the eyes done as best as I can be bothered to do, I move back on to the skin, concentrating this time on the cheeks. Out comes my trusted MAC cremeblend blusher in Something Special. That gets a light dab across the cheeks, followed by my Benefit Hoola bronzer to contour. As I tend to get oily throughout the day, I add a light dab of Clarins Mineral Loose powder over my face and for the lips, I usually just plaster on whatever is nearest at the time (unless it’s a bright red or orange of course) and voila. Done in just 10/15 minutes…I pretend it was effortless of course, no one needs to know the effort that was put in to make me look human….

This is how it usually turns out…nothing special as you can see!

My work makeup routine


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