MUA Dusk Till Dawn Palette Review!

Lately, I’ve been more accustomed to the slightly more expensive side when it comes to eyeshadows. I tend to think the quality is usually a lot better, with more pigmentation and tends to have nicer packaging (I’m a bit of a packaging geek).

I’ve heard a lot of good things about MUA products, including their eyeshadows. So, being a makeup junkie, it didn’t take much for me to purchase one of their eye shadow palettes, although seeing how cheap the prices are, it didn’t really do much damage to the bank account. Seeing as most of my eyeshadow collection is filled with nudes and “safe” colours, I thought I would be a bit more daring and go for something a bit more bright, which led me to the “Dusk till Dawn” palette.

I do like it, it’s full of really nice colours and the pigmentation is great….but, and there is a but, I don’t think it’s right for me. You know when you have a date with a guy and you just know that he’s not right for you? You don’t get that chemistry, or the butterflies in your tummy. That’s what I get with this palette. The colours (even though it was my intention) are just too bold for me. It just couldn’t work, even if I wanted it too…Sorry MUA!

I can’t fault the pigmentation of the product though, in fact I was actually really impressed. They appear to last for quite a while too, so it gets a thumbs up for overall quality! The packaging is to be expected, nothing special, but for the price you aren’t going to get amazing packaging. But, it does the job and that’s all you need.

If you like bright colours, then this will probably be the palette for you. With deep but bold purples, bright sky blue, and tantalising, shimmery golds, it’s definitely one to whack out during the party season!

You can pick this up for only £4, so it’s not going to break the bank! 


7 thoughts on “MUA Dusk Till Dawn Palette Review!

  1. I am totally in love with my MUA palettes but I went for the nude & neautral tone ones. I just don’t do bright eyeshadow! But they are such good quality & I can’t fault them at all 🙂 but this palette wouldn’t be for me either, as much as I love MUA! xxx

  2. Oh I do like that gold shade! Could always use the brighter shades with a wet angle brush as liner!

  3. I’ve got this one, pretty impressive but would prefer a more sedate pallet colour wise, as I have used certain colours all up, all ready and others haven’t been touched..but you know how it goes in the make up world, you’ll never get 100% of what you want X

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