MUA Primer Review

For an oily skinned gal, a primer can become your best friend. So, with saying that, it has to be a pretty good primer in the first place to reach that status.

Sadly, this one from MUA doesn’t quite reach that level of “you’re my best friend, please don’t ever leave!”. (I don’t actually talk to my primers like that…just to clarify).

To me, it’s one of those “meh” products, as I didn’t really see any difference to the skin or notice the makeup lasting longer throughout the day, which is two of the things a good primer is supposed to do. It’s not terrible mind, but just not great. It’s a very watery texture, so will work best with more water based foundations I guess, which in fairness is my fault as I tend to prefer gel based foundations.

The packaging is okay…it’s easy to get the product out, and I didn’t have a problem with too much product coming out when I squeezed, so that’s a good point to mention! Gotta add a bit of positivity, before we all end up depressed! (Bit dramatic over a primer review, but you never know).

It was only around £4, so I can’t really complain, although it won’t be a product I will be repurchasing! Overall I would give this around a 4.5/10. Not a fave of mine, but I don’t hate it. You can’t love everything, right?

What do you recon to this product if you own it yourself? Am I just being a miserable you know what? Probably!


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