My Updated Makeup Storage..

Okay, so nothing much has changed from the last post except the desk. I just wanted to show it off a bit really. I have no idea where it’s from, but it was giving to me as the owners didn’t have room for it anymore, and I certainly do.

It’s nothing special, just a plain black desk, but that is exactly what I had been looking for. Of course, my desk doesn’t always look this neat, in fact most days you can’t even see the desk under all the makeup accumulated over it. But I thought I would sort my life out a bit and tidy it up and take some pics. Don’t say I never spoil you..

(If you want to see the photos larger, give them a cheeky click).


2 thoughts on “My Updated Makeup Storage..

  1. Great storage. I had an Alex unit from Ikea with 5 drawers and i had to go back and get the nine drawer one. Shame on me! I gave the 5 drawer one to my mum. I wrote a post ages ago but i have been in two minds whether to publish it or not because i am sort of against those you tubers who show you whole rooms full of makeup. I don’t think it sends out the right message to young girls even though some of my makeup is years old, I think its better to have the amount you have. Maybe i will do later on !!

  2. I couldn’t agree more. I watch some videos and think “that is just silly!” I literally saw one who had 9 draws of JUST lipsticks…. I love makeup, but I actually don’t have all that much, due to only in the last year really collecting up my items. But, I have more than enough to last me a while! You should definitely do a post, I bet you have some gorgeous items! x

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