Back to Black

Even though it’s an absolutely gorgeous sunny day outside, I decided to go for all black assemble today. Your usual sun inspired outfit is full of brights, pastels and patterns but I felt a bit “basic” , although in my opinion, black is never boring!

I’m wearing a black skater dress from Topshop, in a wait for it…..size 10! I’m sure it’s probably a large size 10 as I’m usually a 12-14, but I’m going to enjoy the moment while it lasts.

As I’m a bit shy when it comes to showing off my legs, I chucked on a pair of tights, which of course adds even more black to the outfit, but that’s what I was going for (honest!).

The shoes/boots are a new pair from Missguided, which I have to say, I bloody love! I love the detail of the hole in the sides, to add a bit of edgyness and gives that “I’m not prim and proper” look. Which, I definitely am not!

All together, I like this outfit a lot. It’s basic, black, slimming and easily wearable! What do you think?

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