About Me!

I thought I would share with you my latest video all about moi! Just a few questions and answers, nothing to deep!

I promise to get some posts up this week, I have been slacking lately and haven’t had much makeup to chat about, although I have a haul coming shortly…I was naughty and purchased things I really didn’t need! Anyway…here’s the video! Hope you enjoy!


4 thoughts on “About Me!

  1. I’m so sick of this BMI rubbish, I went to a new doctors a few months back and had to do the health check thing and got told that I was technically over weight, I wouldn’t mind so much but i’m 5’5 and 11 stone contantly, i’ve been down to my ‘healthy’ weight before and looked seriously unhealthy and to make it worse the nurse who informed me this was so round she had to waddle! I think if the NHS want people to take BMI seriously then they need to promote it with their staff instead of getting old matronly large ladies making young girls worry about their weight when theres nothing wrong! sorry about the rant haha but I think as long as your happy with yourself that should be the main thing 🙂 and you look fine and healthy to me!! 😀 x

    • It’s a ridiculous way of classing someone as healthy or not I think, it doesn’t take into account muscle and I have really muscly legs, so I blame them! Haha. I am supposed to be 8 stone, but I have always weighed more than I look. If I was 8 stone I would look ill! I recon, as long as you just eat right and keep active, everything’s fine! Just..BMI..grr! Completely agree about some of the nurses as well..haha! And you are just staring at them like, really?! xx

      • exactly! I just think that individuals know themselves if theyre unfit and not happy with themselves and I know personally that i’d never get to a ridiculously large size because im not built to be big and in the same sense im not built to be small so the NHS can sod off telling me what size to be, im sure they’re trying to give people complexes! haha i’m glad someone agrees with me though! xx

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