Weight Loss Journey – Week 2


It’s week two of my weight loss journey and I think things are going well, but I haven’t been constantly weighing myself as I believe it’s one of the worst things you can do! After all, your weight changes every day anyway due to all kinds of things going on in that body of yours!

I have been religiously listening to Paul McKenna’s CD and I think it is finally programmed into my mind. Instead of eating my food on my lap (naughty me) I am now eating at the table, slowly, chewing consciously and stopping when I’m full. I am eating considerably less and actually feel a lot less sluggish. I don’t sit at my desk anymore with horrible bloated feelings, instead I am feeling a lot more energized and light! Brilliant stuff!

I did sneakily weigh myself the other day, and I had lost about a pound. Not that much, but still good seeing as I had only been doing it for a week, and I still ate the things I wanted too! This was also with very little exercise done!  I really am feeling positive about this and weirdly, since I have been doing this my anxiety levels have dropped quite a lot. I find myself getting anxious a lot less and that’s a really nice added bonus. Overall, I’m pretty chuffed and looking forward to seeing some good results soon. Watch this space, hey!

weight loss


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