Mop Chop & F.O.T.D

I’m extremely lazy when it comes to hair and I guess I kind of pay little attention to it, which means I very rarely make an appearance at the hairdressers. It got to the point where my hair was just lifeless and shapeless and I felt it needed a good old chop! Usually I’m pretty fussy and only want a certain amount taking off, but this time I told her to take as much as she wanted off and do what she liked. And, I’m pretty happy with it!

Oh, and whilst I’m here it would be would not to do a cheeky F.O.T.D wouldn’t it! So…I’ll keep it brief!

On the face I have Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in Ivory

Concealer is MAC Select Cover Up in NC20

On the cheeks Maybelline Dream Touch Blush in Peach

Contour with Benefit Hoola

On the eyes I have MAC Groundwork Paint Pot as a base

Followed by Blink out of the Illamsaqua Empower Palette, a light, natural brown all over the lid.

And then I added Feverent out of the same palette in the crease and blended together!

Lastly on the eyes,  lashings of Diorshow Iconic Lashing Curling Mascara.

On the lips is Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Colour in Bikini Pink.

And voila, todays look!

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7 thoughts on “Mop Chop & F.O.T.D

  1. The haircut is SO cute, I love it. iI seems like it would be easy to maintain too. I always get the same cut when I have mine done, but it’s the perfect cut for my face shape and bone structure, as well as my hair type. I like to go a little shorter for the summer months since it’s hard maintaining super long hair when it’s 80+ degrees out for months.
    Do you straighten your hair or have to do anything major to style it? Mine is curly/wavy, so if I want it straight I break out the InStyler which takes less than 15 minutes or the TopStyler for more defined curls (that takes a little longer, but I put the clips in as I’m doing my make-up, so it’s not that time consuming, really). They’re the only styling tools I know how to use without doing severe damage to myself and my hair, but they work, so I can’t complain.
    Again, your hair looks great.

    • Thank you! 🙂 It is reaaallly easy to maintain, I find that I can go longer without washes too which is good! I don’t straighten mine much, but now it’s shorter I have been curling just the layers and ruffling them up a bit. I’m not really very good when it comes to hair and styling! I agree with you about hair being easier to maintain when shorter in the summer! xx

      • I’m not great with hair or styling either. I have to really work to even attempt straightening it perfectly or mastering the TopStyler’s c-shells which I am sure a ten year old could do, but I do the same thing when my hair is a little shorter, I’ll curl and flip the ends in different directions. So cute. I’m not a big fan of product, but I find that a little Argan Oil goes a long way and it helps keep me out of the salon for long periods at a time by preventing any and all damage.

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