Weight Loss Journey: Week One

Dieting has always been a big enemy of mine, I really don’t get it.  It seems that to keep the “perfect” size that you have gained through a ridiculously strict eating regime, you have to stick with it, continuously. I would personally rather be a bit overweight and happy, than have a great body but a terrible mood, lack of energy and pure boredom from not being able to treat yourself. Life is a bit too short for that.

Of course, I still want to have a healthy body, who doesn’t? I just don’t agree with any type of diet, no matter what it is. I just don’t think they work, at least not for long anyway. I felt like I would never really lose any weight with that opinion, and exercise alone wouldn’t quite cut it, if I continued to eat the way I did.

I decided to try something completely different, and seeing as it worked well for my Mum (she lost 5 stone in a year), I thought I might as well give it a go. Paul McKenna, uses the concept of reprogramming your mind to have a completely different relationship with food. His book and CD help to allow your brain to really think about when you are hungry, to eat slowly, concentrate on chewing and enjoying every mouthful and to stop when you are beginning to or feel full. Sounds simple, but it makes a heck of a lot of difference to your body! I decided after reading the book, it wasn’t programmed into my mind enough, so I listened to the CD. It basically allows you to get into a relaxed state, so you can really absorb in what he is telling you to do. It’s all about confidence and seeing yourself in that ideal body you dream of, and really feeling the pleasure you would feel when you reach that goal.

Doing this, helps to stop those cravings that we all get, some more than others (me, I’m a right greedy pig!). Instead of turning to food as your comfort when you are having a bad day, he helps you to reprogram your mind to think about the intense happiness you would feel being a slimmer you. I have listened to the CD twice now before bed, and it’s actually already beginning to work. I sound like a sales pitch here, but it genuinely is a blooming good way to get slim, without eating like a rabbit constantly and feeling genuinely bored with every meal you eat. With this, you can eat what you want as long as you really are hungry. Very appealing to a chocoholic like myself.

I have already started consciously eating, instead of shoveling my food down without really taking the time to enjoy it. So, I figured it might be interesting to do weekly updates of how it’s going and maybe it will help some of you out there who also struggle with dieting and want to get slimmer for the summer.

I know, as much as the next person how hard it is to stick to something and really work hard to get that slender and toned body. Sometimes, I have those days where I’m like “meh, I’ll eat better tomorrow”  and then eat my weight in food. But, with this I will make sure I do it….in fact, I can do it!

So far, it’s going well! 🙂

Weight Loss


4 thoughts on “Weight Loss Journey: Week One

  1. I agree, i don’t believe in dieting at all. I did weight watchers once and lost 4 stone and i felt awful because i was starving the whole time.Not only that, i put the weight back on with a vengance and ended up 1 whole dress size bigger. So the elation lasted only a few weeks.
    Over the winter this year, i put on a stone on top of my big size already, so last week i went jogging around the local park 3 times. This week i am doing it 5 days.
    I approach my eating in a slightly different way but its still effective. I cut down on what i eat bit by bit. Like i’m weaning myself off food. So basically, when i had my roast dinner this Sunday gone, i had 4 roast potatoes instead of 5. Next week it will be 3 and i will cut the plate size down to, to fit less on it. I don’t think i will ever lose the 4-5 stone by the end of summer but if i lost the 1 stone i put on over winter and another 1 stone, then that will just make me very happy. I have tried to set my weight loss too high in the past and i always end up failing so, this time i am taking it step by step. I lost 4 pounds already over past 2 weeks and 1 and half inches off my hips and 1 inch off my stomach.

    • Yep, that’s exactly what’s wrong with dieting is that your weight just yo-yo’s and when you get back to your normal eating habits you put on more than you were before. That sounds a good method of what you’re doing! I don’t think I’m strict enough, I have grew up with massive portions and the site of hardly anything on my plate always makes me feel like it won’t fill me up. But I guess, eating slower will help with that. That’s great that you’ve lost 4 pounds, because it’s at a healthy rate as well, rather than it just dropping off really quickly! x

  2. I so agree with you, I’ve actually read the Paul McKenna books and I think they may have hypnotized me, I picked it up when I was slightly under weight ( not on purpose I’d had a virus for about a month and hardly eat) and I only picked it up randomly for a read but I started doing all the little things he says, chew slowly, put your knife and fork down after a bite ect. ect. and I lost even more accidently. Just wish I could find it now when I really need it, I might have to buy it because they do really work 🙂

    • Ah really? Yep, it is like a form of hypnotism. My mum actually used his book to hypnotise her to not eat chocolate again and she hasn’t for 5 years! It’s amazing what the power of the mind can do. Yeah, let me know if you do find it/buy it and if it works for you again. Thanks for commenting 🙂 x

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