Small Town Girl…

Do you ever have those days where you just sit and think “what am I actually doing with my life?”, I have one of those days today. In fact, most days. I am at that stage of life where I am young enough to still have time but old enough to think, do I really have that much time? And I don’t mean that in a negative way like time before I die of course, I mean time to do what I really want to do. But, what do I really want to do?

Sometimes it’s hard to actually sit down and think what career path you want to follow, especially for me when I don’t have a particular skill or a degree to back me up. I decided to pack in 6th form after my first year and get stuck in with working rather than following the typical route of going to University. Do I regret that? A little bit, but I have definitely picked up a lot of experience (good and bad) along the way, but now I have hit a brick wall and feel a little lost in where I am and what I want.

It’s easy for me to say “I want to work in Marketing and PR in the beauty world” but is that likely with the amount of other girls who say the same thing? Probably not. But then I guess you don’t get anywhere with a negative attitude, and after reading The Law Of Attraction (check it out if you haven’t), it made me realise how important it is to be positive, and a positive outlook provides a positive life.

I haven’t really got a clue where I am going with this post, which is probably dangerous territory as it may end up looking a bit higgledy piggledy (yes, I did google to see how to spell that), but I felt like writing down my thoughts. That’s what a blog is for after all..

Of course, living in a small town in a rural area doesn’t help. Moving to a city seems to be key in gaining my goals, but it also scares the hell outta me. I’m used to the aroma of cow poo and the fact that everyone knows everyone (and their business!). I guess I definitely fit the bill of a “small town girl”. Am I ready for the big city, fast living? I don’t know…but hopefully 2013 will be a good year for me career wise! Watch this space!

small town girl


2 thoughts on “Small Town Girl…

  1. I feel like that alot also, it seems we are in the same situation. I recently turned down a job for various reasons & now I regret it – big time! There is a chance I can still do it but not for at least another couple of months & right now I am a little happy with the job I am in. I am waffling now haha but yes, I understand everything you have said xx

    • Ahh it’s a rubbish feeling isn’t it, but then I suppose it’s only natural and helps us be more driven to go get somewhere in life! Hopefully you can go and do that job in a couple of months when you are ready! xxx

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