MUA Haul!

You know when you have those bad days but you have no idea why? I had one of those not so long ago and was dangerously too close to a computer with internet access! Online shopping is my downfall in life, I genuinely can’t stop myself and being in a grumpy mood does not help that obsession.

MUA is a brand I haven’t really tried, I guess I was put off by the cheap prices as I’ve always been a “you get what you pay for” kinda gal. In most cases I stick to that opinion, but I was pleasantly surprised with a lot of the products I received. So, I’ll get cracking on with this haul and get on to the full frontal makeup action! I won’t go into too much detail as I plan to do separate reviews on each, but here’s a few snaps!

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MUA Dusk Till Dawn Palette

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My Avenue 32 Wishlist!

Well hellooo there!

I was contacted from a lovely lady to take part in their wishlist campaign and I thought it would be fun to join in. Avenue 32 is a luxury women’s fashion online store which boasts a vast amount of gorgeous and stylish clothes! Of course, as it’s a luxury store it is a little out of my price range (and I’m sure a lot of my readers too!) but it’s always fun to compose a wishlist, so I got stuck in! And hey, if we happen to find a big bag of money somewhere, we know where to head now! (If you do find a big bag of money, it’s probably best to tell the police first haha!).

PicMonkey Collage

My favourite item is the Huishan Zhang dress. It’s elegant, classy and can still be styled to be more edgy, possibly with the plum coloured furry jacket included in the wish list. I can imagine this stealing the show at a posh event (even though I never tend to go to anything posh, I’m a right country bumpkin). 

I also bloomin’ love the trousers, which I can imagine pairing with a casual slouchy black top/jumper on shopping trips and just general casual kinda days! The jumper I included would look pretty swish with them too, paired with those gorgeous royal blue Chelsea boots – yes please! 

And to add a splash of colour, I added the neon orange bag, on trend and perfect for spring. I would happily carry this beauty around with me all day! I think it belongs to be with me in my life, right now!

So there you have it, my Avenue 32 wishlist. Would you pick any  of the things I chose? Have a peek over at their site here and see what you would fancy?

About Me!

I thought I would share with you my latest video all about moi! Just a few questions and answers, nothing to deep!

I promise to get some posts up this week, I have been slacking lately and haven’t had much makeup to chat about, although I have a haul coming shortly…I was naughty and purchased things I really didn’t need! Anyway…here’s the video! Hope you enjoy!

My Weekend In Pictures…

Hey lovelies, sorry for the lack of blogging and general beauty product chat lately, I have been really busy at work and just lazy really! Naughty me.

But, next week I will sort my life out and get back on track with some nice makeup goodness for you! Till then , I thought I would show some pictures of what I got up to this weekend. Me and a couple of chums went to Lake Vrynwy, which is a gorgeous lake situated in Wales. Luckily the sun was out, so it was a really lush day 🙂

Weight Loss Journey – Week 2


It’s week two of my weight loss journey and I think things are going well, but I haven’t been constantly weighing myself as I believe it’s one of the worst things you can do! After all, your weight changes every day anyway due to all kinds of things going on in that body of yours!

I have been religiously listening to Paul McKenna’s CD and I think it is finally programmed into my mind. Instead of eating my food on my lap (naughty me) I am now eating at the table, slowly, chewing consciously and stopping when I’m full. I am eating considerably less and actually feel a lot less sluggish. I don’t sit at my desk anymore with horrible bloated feelings, instead I am feeling a lot more energized and light! Brilliant stuff!

I did sneakily weigh myself the other day, and I had lost about a pound. Not that much, but still good seeing as I had only been doing it for a week, and I still ate the things I wanted too! This was also with very little exercise done!  I really am feeling positive about this and weirdly, since I have been doing this my anxiety levels have dropped quite a lot. I find myself getting anxious a lot less and that’s a really nice added bonus. Overall, I’m pretty chuffed and looking forward to seeing some good results soon. Watch this space, hey!

weight loss

My Foundation Collection – Video!

So, I recorded another video and this time I’m quite happy with the quality after finally working out how to use the camera!

I thought it might be helpful to do a video on my foundations and what I think about them, some high end and some high street! Hopefully helpful if someone is thinking about buying any of them!

Hope you enjoy and please subscribe if you do 🙂

Mop Chop & F.O.T.D

I’m extremely lazy when it comes to hair and I guess I kind of pay little attention to it, which means I very rarely make an appearance at the hairdressers. It got to the point where my hair was just lifeless and shapeless and I felt it needed a good old chop! Usually I’m pretty fussy and only want a certain amount taking off, but this time I told her to take as much as she wanted off and do what she liked. And, I’m pretty happy with it!

Oh, and whilst I’m here it would be would not to do a cheeky F.O.T.D wouldn’t it! So…I’ll keep it brief!

On the face I have Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in Ivory

Concealer is MAC Select Cover Up in NC20

On the cheeks Maybelline Dream Touch Blush in Peach

Contour with Benefit Hoola

On the eyes I have MAC Groundwork Paint Pot as a base

Followed by Blink out of the Illamsaqua Empower Palette, a light, natural brown all over the lid.

And then I added Feverent out of the same palette in the crease and blended together!

Lastly on the eyes,  lashings of Diorshow Iconic Lashing Curling Mascara.

On the lips is Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Colour in Bikini Pink.

And voila, todays look!

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