Dior Eclat Satin Review

I have never tried a Dior foundation before, so when I saw this up for grabs for £13 on Miss Makeup Magpies blog sale, I just couldn’t resist. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, but after reading amazing reviews, I felt a bit of comfort that I had made the right decision and when it arrived I was extremely excited to try it out!

The first thing that I adore about this foundation is the packaging. Sleek, attractive and desirable with a gorgeous royal blue lid. Pretty, to say the least.

I eagerly ran upstairs to wipe my makeup off and try this one on and I have to say, at first I wasn’t too sure. The consistency is very liquid based, something I don’t tend to go for. However, the coverage is brilliant! I find it easiest to apply with a stippling brush, so I can really buffer and blend it into my skin. It does take a bit of blending in to really match it to your skin in order to look natural, but once you have – it’s gorgeous!

The finish is a gorgeous satin, dewy and natural effect, leaving your skin with a healthy glow. It actually reminds me of the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation, but less of a heavy coverage. I have combination skin, which tends to get oily in the t zone, but I can’t say I have had any problems with intense shiny face syndrome throughout the day – nothing that  a powder can’t control anyway! However, if you do have oily skin, I would probably stay away as it does give you a glow and that is probably something you want to steer away from.

It feels nice on the skin and soft to the touch, almost like there isn’t anything there. BUT, and there is a but…the smell is horrendous and extremely noticeable. I really am not a fan of foundations that have an overpowering smell and this has exactly that. It actually lingers for a while too, which isn’t great but the look and feel of the foundation make up for that I guess. Keep that in mind though if you don’t like foundations with a smell, because you probably won’t like this. But that’s just my opinion!

Overall, I genuinely do like this foundation..quite a lot actually. Infact, it is now 2:oopm and I have just checked my makeup in my compact mirror and it still looks perfect after already wearing it for 6 hours! (After lots of face touching and sweating walking to work – attractive). I think this will be my new favourite go to foundation! If you have it, do you love it too?


5 thoughts on “Dior Eclat Satin Review

  1. What type of smell is it? I have Dior Fusion wear makeup and i have just smelt it and it is mildly fragranced but not overbearing. It also disappears after about 5 minutes on the skin. I think Dior foundations are the best for my skin and i have tried so many now. The powder foundations have no fragrance at all if you have sensitive skin as well. Great that you got it that cheap though

    • I can’t really explain it, it’s very perfumed, slightly lavender scent. Maybe others wont find it overbearing but I did. I have got used to it now from wearing it a lot, but at first it was all I could smell for at least a good hour..

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