A Bit Of A Routine..

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I have realised lately, that my blog is a little…well all over the place! So I thought it was best to get some sort of routine, for my sake and yours!

So, I will be posting every Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturdays, with a bit more organisation.


Beauty Reviews and Beauty Talk..


Lifestyle Talk, Rambles and Informative Posts.


Fashion, O.O.T.D or F.O.T.D, makeup looks.

What do you lovelies recon? Does this sound good to you? Let me know your opinions and if you think it’s a good idea to have a bit more organisation!



4 thoughts on “A Bit Of A Routine..

    • I tend to prefer to publish them in the evening but not sure why, think I am going to mix it up a bit from now on and see what works the best. What do you prefer? xx

      • Most of the time I post in the morning but I am starting to think that maybe evening is better, as the audience will be bigger on FB and Twitter? I know the true fans will look regardless of the time you post!

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