Weekend Walk to Blow Away The Cobwebs..

So, you may have noticed that lately, I haven’t been posting as much as I used to. There’s a few reasons why which I will explain in this post. No way have I abandoned the blog though, or am I bored with blogging…I just needed a break to deal with “real life”.

Nothing bad has happened, not at all, however I had a bit of a phase of thinking “what’s the point?”. Yes, this is negative, however since making my beauty blog twitter account and joining the “beauty blogger community” I started to notice a few things. Be warned, this is a ranty post and probably a little negative in parts!

First of all, there seems to be a lot out there who you can tell are blogging to receive free stuff. Those who only care about how many followers they have, but not about the loyal ones who actually read through their posts. Those who tweet practically screaming for followers, really? Yes there is marketing yourself, but sometimes it’s just plain begging. I started to think “what separates me from them?” and “what if people think that of me?”. I shouldn’t care…but it does cross my mind. I blog because I am absolutely obsessed with makeup and I wanted to come across other like-minded ladies (and gents). I don’t blog for free stuff..because quite frankly, I work hard for my money and I ENJOY spending it on things I like.

Secondly, I have noticed lately the amount of negativity around blogging. At first, I thought the beauty blog community was actually pretty lovely, but there quite a few rude and quite frankly arrogant bloggers out there. Nobody is bigger or better than anyone else and I personally think it’s extremely rude to not give the time to reply to somebody, especially when it’s a specific question. What really gets me, is when you see tweets asking a question and you reply and they don’t get back to you! But happen to cunningly add their link in the question. Marketing? Possibly…but I tend to think it’s just a cheap way to brand yourself. Personally, from my short experience of blogging, communicating gets you further than posting your link to every Tom, Dick & Harry!

And lastly, I felt like I had nothing different to say and everyone and their dog seems to be blogging. I want to be unique, but with the amount out there with a beauty blog, how is it possible to find your own niche? I like to keep my blog pretty broad with different topics..but I guess I did lack motivation. I also stopped spending so much on makeup as quite frankly, it was getting silly.

Blogging should be fun, but I think a lot of us lately are feeling some sort of pressure. I hate to sound negative and I apologise for such a ranty type of post.

I know some won’t like this post, but I am definitely not someone who doesn’t say what they are thinking! I believe that a change needs to be made, before people who genuinely love to write about their passion, begin to feel they aren’t good enough or not “pretty” enough to post O.O.T.D and makeup looks. I absolutely LOVE to see curvy girls doing O.O.T.D – after all, we should all “shake what our mama’s gave us”. But, that’s going off topic.

Anyway, on a much lighter note, I went for a twilight walk on Saturday along the canal where I live and took some lovely photos on my phone. This gave me time to clear the cobwebs and think up some lovely posts for you guys!

Sorry for the rant. x



9 thoughts on “Weekend Walk to Blow Away The Cobwebs..

  1. I completely agree with you on so many levels! I know we all want out blog to be the best it can be, but we don’t have to come by it by putting others down. And yeah, it’d be great to get free stuff, but at the same time, that shouldn’t be your main priority, It should be sharing your passion. I’m glad to see that you feel the same way! :]

    • I’m glad you agree! I was having such a ranty day and thought I might as well blog about it! Haha. It definitely shouldn’t be someones main priority, because they would end up getting bored very quickly! xx

  2. I totally agree with the ‘you can tell who only blogs for free stuff etc’ I have noticed that too lol! Lovely pictures & I love your blog. Your blog is unique because YOU are unique & you have your own style, thoughts & opinions – that is what makes a blog so special! xxx

    • It’s so obvious isn’t it! Ahh. Aww thank you, that’s really nice of you to say 🙂 I love yours too! Your fashion sense is so unique and pretty! Refreshing to see something different xxx

  3. i completely agree and the like for likes does my head in as well. I have also asked questions or given compliments and not got a reply, but i do book mark them and the like for likers too and thats all they will ever get from me. I would rather they didn’t follow me in fact, can’t be ar**d with them.
    On a brighter note. I posted your lipstick this afternoon so i hope that cheers you up to.

    • Yes! WHYYY do people do it? Haha. I don’t want people following me because they feel they have to, I want them to like my blog. Ohh yayy 🙂 can’t wait to receive it, thank you! I’ll take lots of pics of it for the blog to show you how it looks! x

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