A Curvy Girls Look Book…

(First of all, just want to apologise for the cat litter tray in the background, I don’t have a perfect background so…sorry about that haha!)

Sooo..I’ve seen a few girls saying they don’t feel confident enough to post a look book or O.O.T.D because they are curvy.

I completely understand why they feel like that, because I sometimes do too. But then I think, WHY? Yes, we have curves and yes, maybe some aren’t in the right places! But that doesn’t mean we can’t look good right? And it certainly doesn’t mean we can’t share our outfit ideas with others just because we have a bit more meat on us. After all, if we all had the same figures, wouldn’t it be a little boring?

Anyway…enough of my little rant there! Here is a couple of outfits I have put together..hope you like them!

This first outfit includes: Striped crop top from New Look, Disco Pants from American Apparel, Creepers from New Look and Denim Jacket from New Look (again!).

Curvy girl outfit 049 050

Or for a second outfit you can wear it without the Denim Jacket…

curvy girl outfit

curvy girl outfitFor the third outfit, I am wearing Dipped Hem Cream shirt from New Look, Disco Pants from American Apparel and Wedges from H&M.


curvy girl outfit058

And here is a quick pose with my F.O.T.D – I am wearing:

  • Clinique Even Better Foundation in Ivory
  • MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC20
  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in NC20
  • MAC Blush in Fleur Power
  • Benefit Hoola
  • Chanel Rouge Coco Hydrating Lip Colour in Chalys
  • On my eyes, Sin from the Urban Decay Palette and MAC Cranberry in the crease,
  • MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara
  • Topshop Gel Eyeliner in Ink


Hope you enjoyed looking at these outfits and remember to dress how you want!And don’t be afraid to post your pictures because everyone is different and that’s what makes it fun!



6 thoughts on “A Curvy Girls Look Book…

  1. there is no wrong place for curves, and if there was your would be the perfect;) thank you very much for that. Im curvy and I wanted to order creepers but I didnt know if it will look good on curvy girl. now I see it does;) wery nice outfits, I recomed you blog girlwithcurves.com, she has really nice opinions, thoughts and ideas. sorry for my english, im from czech rep.

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