MAC Cranberry Review..

So seeing how obsessed with MAC I am, it is only natural that I went and purchased the Cranberry MAC eye shadow, a gorgeous red/plum colour that I personally think brings out the colours of any eyes beautifully!


MAC deserves a pat on the back for this shadow, because it really is that good. I think I might even go as far as saying that it is my new favourite product of the month – and that, my friends is a hard choice for me to make!

MAC Cranberry is a frost finish and is very easy to work with, the great thing is that you can sheer it down to be a subtle hint of plum or go all out for a smokey eye with a twist!

I have noticed a few reviews claiming that this shadow can make them a bit “emo” looking, but I think you just have to use it with the right colours and make sure to blend it in. I find that it really pops out the blue in my eyes and goes beautifully with the nude colours I choose to wear on a daily basis, so to me it is a perfect shade that can be easily adapted for different looks and to suit different people. (You can tell I love it, can’t you!).

We all know that the pigmentation of MAC eye shadows is something to cheer about and cranberry is no exception, I just love working with these shadows as they are truly a pleasure to dip into with one of your favourite brushes! You can blend them together with ease and create a look to get heads turning on the street (in a good way…not a dodgy, well you know!).

If you are looking for something a bit different and want a shade with a hint of red to it, then definitely consider Cranberry. I think it’s capable of spicing up any look you create, within looking like you’ve been punched , which lets be honest ladies, is never really a good look, except for Halloween!

As you can tell, I love this colour! And I think a lot of you may do too!

IMG_3781 IMG_3773


7 thoughts on “MAC Cranberry Review..

  1. The color looks absolutely gorgeous! I’m more olive skinned toned and I think it’ll look well on my complexion too. I should pick it up next time I visit the MAC Store if it’s available here.

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