Clarins Mineral Loose Powder Review..

Hey Beauties!

Today, I have a review on the Clarins Mineral Loose Powder, although it doesn’t need much saying about it, it’s just lovely!

036It is described as a “An ultra fine, lightweight mineral powder with a translucent, radiant finish” and that is exactly what it is! I just love the finish this powder creates on my skin, I have the shade light (the shade selection is light, medium and dark) and it appears translucent on the skin so doesn’t create any extra colour (if you have the right shade).

This comes with a puff to use too, which is great for the pat and roll technique (read how to do this here) and gives you a lovely flawless finish without looking caked on or moving the foundation around on your skin.

This powder creates a gorgeous, natural and healthy glow whilst also mattifying my oily spots throughout the entire day, it really is something truly special. The great thing is that is such a soft and fine powder, making it really easy to apply! The packaging also looks very classy and elegant, which looks lovely situated on top of my make up desk. Just be careful not to slap loads on because you will end up looking like someone has brushed a chalk board wiper all over your face!

If you are looking for a powder to control your oil, whilst still leaving a healthy glow on your skin, then I couldn’t recommend this enough. It is on the pricey side at £30 however, if you fancy something a bit more posh and something that truly works, go for it and treat yourself!

There is a problem I have noticed with this powder though which is that if my eyes run (which they do, a lot in the cold weather!) then it tends to remove the powder and makeup from my face, leaving me with a not so attractive line where my tears have streamed down. I don’t know if it was a particular bad “runny eye” day, or the powder just wasn’t good with dealing with liquids, either way, it’s kind of put me off wearing it when I know it’s going to be very cold! But that’s just a minor problem, but do keep that in mind if you suffer from your eyes running in cold weather too!

You can purchase this here.

Do you have this and do you love it as much as me?
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2 thoughts on “Clarins Mineral Loose Powder Review..

  1. I love Clarins Loose Powder, I am a huge Clarins fan anyway but this stuff is awesome. I am prone to an oily t-zone & this banishes it totally. It is on the expensive side I agree but well worth the money! 🙂 x

    • Yeah I am fairly new to actually buying Clarins products, but so far I haven’t got a bad thing to say about them, especially this powder! I agree with the oily t zone, it literally controls it throughout the whole day without looking chalky, it’s a treat to use 🙂 x

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