Beauty Haul…

Helloo ladies!

Today, I am in a really excitable mood, maybe it’s the amount of coffee I have drunk or because the sun is shining, but either way, it’s a good day!

So, seeing as I am in a good mood, I thought I would share some of the products I purchased the other day!

As soon as pay day arrived, I was searching online, looking for items that took my fancy, and as always, I found a lot! But managed to shorten the list just a tad to these few beauties. (It was hard work doing so though, I wanted everything!).


The first thing that I was extremely excited about purchasing, was the Clinique Even Better foundation. I was struggling with knowing which shade to go for, and knew it was probably a good idea to go to a counter and get matched, but I am so impatient I bit the bullet and went for Ivory. Luckily this is the right colour, and even though it is I think one of the lightest or maybe even the lightest, it is still quite dark! So if you are very pale, go get matched!

I have only used this the once, but so far I am really liking it. The consistency is very thick, so you don’t need much and a little goes a long way. It does a great job of covering redness and imperfections, and it lasted on my skin all day till I removed it. I will do a proper review after I have used it some more though, just so I can get a better feel for it!

IMG_3680 IMG_3687Next was the MAC Studio Finish concealer in NC20. After finding that my MAC select cover up was a bit too watery and didn’t tend to cover my skin up that well, I thought I would go for a more heavy duty concealer. Again, I have only used it once, but so far so good!

IMG_3679 IMG_3692I also purchased the MAC Pearglide eyeliner in Lord It Up, a beautiful bronzey brown colour. I actually thought it would be a little lighter for some reason, but I really do like the colour of this. It is extremely creamy, and does apply well, but I have found that it runs down so quickly, that you need to re-sharpen pretty much after every use. I can get over that factor though, as it is such a pretty liner, and long wearing too!


Next was the Clarins Pore Minimizing Serum. I looked up a lot of reviews about this product and around 99% were good! I haven’t used it long enough yet to give a review on, but it feels lovely on the skin and hopefully will provide some results. You use this after your normal cleansing routine and before you moisturize.

IMG_3674 IMG_3698Finally, the Clarins Mineral Loose Powder! This was one of the products I most looked forward to receiving! After hearing ViviannaDoesMakeup talk about this on one of her YouTube videos, and giving it such praise, I decided to go and get it myself. I am so glad I did! It is so light weight, and gorgeous on the skin and doesn’t appear caked on at all. It also still manages to keep the natural glow of your skin apparent, which is something I really enjoy, as I don’t like to go to matte with my skin. It also does a brilliant job of keeping your makeup stay put on your face! So far, this is great and I am pretty sure my opinion won’t change any time soon!

I also received two free gifts after buying two Clarins Products. I am a bit disappointed with these, first of all because the gift they said they would give (Clarins Beauty Flash Balm) wasn’t included and secondly, they just aren’t things that excite me!

IMG_3696 IMG_3676These two products were the Clarins Eau de Jardins and Clarins Tonic Bath & Shower. Neither excite me much at all, and the scent of the Eau de Jardins is not for me! I am going to give them to either my Mum or my Nan, as it is a shame to put them to waste.

I have a few more things that should be coming through the post very soon, so will do a second haul on them!

Hope you have enjoyed and if you have any of these, what do you think about them?



10 thoughts on “Beauty Haul…

  1. I’ve always noticed that with Clinique. They very rarely give out samples. You think they would do little incentives for people who spend a certain amount, but hey ho guess not. I have seen people walk up to counters though and get given samples without purchasing anything. I think i need to get the gift of the gab going lol

  2. Nice πŸ™‚ I have been meaning to buy some clinique skin care but I think I should get rid of the ones I already have hehe

  3. I love Clarins & it is such a shame they didn’t include a sample of the Beauty Flash Balm as it is amazing. Great buys, it is always so exciting to try out new make- up πŸ™‚ x

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