Rimmel Apocalips Review!

Hello my lovelies!

I have a review on the new and highly talked about “Rimmel Apocalips” for you!

I was feeling a bit low this morning, so I thought I would head into the town and treat myself! Luckily I had some extra points on my boots card, so I thought I would purchase something I have heard so much about…

I decided to pick up one of the Rimmel Apocalips! One of the most anticipated products of the year, a colour and lipgloss all rolled into one. Who could resist?! Not me it seems..

I went for the colour “Apocaliptic”, which is actually very similar to MAC Girl About Town, which I already have, but the colour selection in my local boots was very poor, usually most things are there! It is one of those boots that has the necessities rather than the luxuries! But anyway…

The colour pay off from this product, for the price ,I have to say is bloody good! They are a lipstick and lipgloss all in one, and on the same level as a lot of higher end brands with a much higher price.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this, but after hearing good reviews, I thought I would pick it up and review it for you guys. After trying it on, I am actually very pleased. I will say though, that there is a bit of bleeding, so with hindsight it is probably best to apply a lip liner before hand.


It has a very creamy formula, which I really like when it comes to a lipgloss, as I think its much easier to apply and lasts a little longer. The wand is really easy to use, and covers the whole lip, so makes for an easier application, although again because of the bleeding from it, you do have to take care when applying as I have noticed that it stains your skin quite bad if gets around the mouth – not a good look!

They are relatively long lasting too, however due to the bleeding, it can be quite irritating! So, definitely apply a lip liner first in order to stop that from happening, because lets face it, it’s pretty annoying and doesn’t look the best! Overall though, I do love this and think it will be a really nice go to gloss for a night out. This colour is very pretty, probably best for a night look rather than day, but still, very pretty! I want more!

Rimmel Apocalips IMG_3640 IMG_3639


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