My MAC Eyeshadow Collection..

Hello beauties!

Today, I have a post on my MAC eyeshadow collection, it’s only very small (4) but hopefully will grow larger throughout this year!

I am a huge fan of MAC eyeshadows, as they are so beautifully pigmented, brilliant to blend with and the colour selection is outstanding. They really are worth the money.

So, let’s get started!

My first eyeshadow is Wookwinked, a Veluxe Pearl finish. The colour is a gorgeous, dark gold shade and blends amazingly! It is so pigmented and one of my most used eyeshadows. It looks gorgeous on a night out as the gold adds a bit of glamour to the face. Definitely will be repurchasing this one again when it runs out as it such a pretty colour. This would suit all eye colours too, which is always a bonus.

MAC woodwinked IMG_3589MAC woodwinked


My second is the wonderful Sumptious Olive, again another Veluxe Pearl finish (my favourite finish, as you can probably tell!). This is just the most gorgeous khaki colour with added pearl to create a gorgeous shine to on the eye. This, with woodwinked is just…perfect! Meant to be some might say.. like a love story! I will show you a look with these two colours together soon!

MAC sumptious Olive IMG_3590IMG_3597


Then, there is Mythology, which was actually given to me for my birthday from my Best friend (thanks!) Mythology is a Luster finish, and is a gorgeous bronze toned colour that again goes beautifully with the two mentioned above! It is more sheer than the Veluxe Pearl finishes, yet still highly pigmented and easy to blend. Gorgeeouss!

MAC mythology Mac Mythology MAC mythology


And finally, given to me again for my birthday from my Dad (with a little help..well a lot of help from his girlfriend!) is Keep It Cool, from the pro long wear range! This is a very deep brown, almost black and is so lovely. It goes great on a smokey eye, for use in the corners, or as an under eye liner. It is extremely pigmented, and lasts for ages! I really like this one!

MAC keep it cool MAC keep it cool MAC keep it cool


So there you go guys, a little description on my MAC eyeshadows. Within the next couple of months I will be buying a DSLR camera, so the picture quality will be a lot better!


IMG_3572 IMG_3575 IMG_3613 IMG_3611


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