MAC Year Of The Snake Collection..

Hello lovelies..

So..I’m feeling a lot better thankfully and couldn’t resist the urge to blog! Especially about the lovely new Year Of The Snake collection from MAC!

This collection, has been brought out in the celebration of the year of the black snake, according to the Chinese Zodiac! Full of beautiful and vibrant colours, shimmery finishes and exotic shades! This is one for all the MAC enthusiastics out there.

Of course, the products are all quite expensive due to it being limited edition, however the packaging is gorgeous and something special for those avid collectors out there!

The lipsticks are embossed with a snake skin print on them, which is nice but in my opinion maybe just a little bit pointless! Mainly due to the fact that they are £15.50 and one of the colours “Plumful” is in the permanent lipstick range anyway for £14…

That aside though, this collection truly does look beautiful. One thing that really catches my eye is the Year Of The Snake Beauty Powder. This powder looks stunning, and can be used as a highlighter, blush or as an overall finish. It is a beautiful pale peach with a gold shimmer, suitable for all skin tones! Gorgeous.

Are you going to try anything from this collection? What do you think about it?


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