Different Colour Make-up, To Suit Different Colour Eyes…

Hello lovelies…

This post is a bit of information on what colour makeup suits different eye colours!
This is something that I’m sure most of us have struggled with at some point, as it can be quite hard to pick colours that suit your eyes. There are so many different rules and complicated instructions on the internet, so I thought I would simple it down a bit!

Blue Eyes:

The complimentary colour to blue is orange! Now, this doesn’t mean you have to wear a mentally bright shade of orange, it’s just a guide line of what shade of colours to go for. You want earthy toned colours in order to highlight the blue in your eyes. Go for colours like earthy browns, golden browns, gold, peach, pink or apricot! To add intensity and to bring out your pupils in the eye, use dark colours on the corner of your eye lid. Colours like black, dark grey and navy blue are a good choice!

Try to steer clear of blues on the eye, as these tend to wash out the blue in your eyes!

Green Eyes:

For green eyes, a good choice is to go for mauve and all similar colours like purple, lilacs, plums and pinks. Stay away from blue as it will again, wash out the green and can make your eyes look too plain!

Again, like with blue eyes, to emphasise the colour, use darker toned shades on the corner of your eyes.

Brown Eyes:

With brown eyes, especially dark brown, you want to use deep shades that will highlight your dark eyes. Colours like navy blue, dark grey,brown, black, deep plum and colours like that!.

Try to avoid pastel or light shades as these will bring out the whites and can then make your eyes look a little washed out. In order to really bring out your eyes, use metallic colours, like gold and bronze. These will bring the brown out beautifully!

Hazel Eyes:

I find that with hazel eyes, you can pretty much go for any colour you desire,  however golden browns, grey toned green, brown, orange, khaki, and blue-grey will look beautiful on you!

Hope this helps! x


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