My New Goodies Have Arrived!..


I arrived home from work to find package by the door! The excitement I felt, was like a child at Christmas, literally!

I have been seriously looking forward to receiving my goodies as I have been craving that new makeup feeling!

These treats are the Diorshow Iconic – High Definition Lash Curler Mascara and MAC lipstick in Creme Cup! The first thing I did, was rush upstairs to try these beauties out, and WOW!

I have never, ever used a Mascara that has made me say “wow!” yet this one did that exact thing. From the first coat, I could notice my lashes lengthening dramatically. I have very short lashes, so the difference this mascara made was amazing.


The other great thing about this mascara is that it DID curl my lashes, just like it says it does. I usually find that most mascaras just flatten out my lashes, end up clumping and just basically seems to weigh them down. This one doesn’t!

After applying a few more coats, my lashes looked long, curly and lovely! WITHOUT ANY CLUMPS! I didn’t even take much care applying this, and it still applied naturally and beautifully!

I will say though, that this mascara isn’t the best for volume, something I usually go for. That is the only downside, however the brilliance of everything else about it, kinda makes up for that!

Overall, amazing, amazing, amazing! I think I have found my new love!

IMG_3515 IMG_3511And then there is the MAC lipstick. I already knew I would love this before it arrived, and I had good reason too! The colour is beautiful, natural and gorgeous. It suites my skin tone perfectly and is such a beautiful easily wearable pink for day to day. It’s a cremesheen finish, so applies nicely on the lips and lasts for a relatively long time!

B e a uuutiful!

IMG_3527 IMG_3529(I’m sorry I haven’t got a real picture of the lipstick, the lighting is so poor so I am waiting to take a good picture to show the true colour for  you!).

If you have either of these, do you love them too?


7 thoughts on “My New Goodies Have Arrived!..

      • Personally I really like it! It is easy to layer & stays put all day! I haven’t used it on my bottom lashes yet because I use Clinique’s Bottom Lash Mascara but so far I am madly in love with it 🙂 x

      • Ooo! I have heard more good than bad about it! I just want to buy every good mascara there is, I need to control myself haha 🙂 I REALLY want the Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara, that is definitely on my list, it looks so good! x

      • It really is worth a try 🙂 I LOVE the Bottom Lash Mascara, I always had a problem with mascara smudging under my eyes during long hours at work, not anymore! Couldn’t live without it now, best beauty buy I have made in a while! x

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