My Makeup Storage..

Hello Lovelies..

I thought that in this post, I would show you in pictures, my makeup storage. It isn’t anything too exciting, as I recently chucked away a LOT of old makeup that I never use, but am slowly growing my collection of more high end products.

I used to be a high street junkie and would buy pretty much everything that was new or advertised on the telly as being the next big thing. As I grew up, I realised that these products actually weren’t very good and made my skin really bad!

Now that I make my own money and have enough to treat myself, I enjoy the luxury of buying higher end brands! I don’t have tons of makeup but it’s enough (although I will be buying more seeing as I am obsessed!).

The Acrylic draws are from MUJI, and they store my most used products.


018 021 022

023 024 025 026 027

028 032 033034


And here is the storage of the makeup I use less often, and where I just store things like containers and packaging that I don’t want to throw away!


039 038 036045

Hope you enjoyed looking at my makeup storage! 🙂


5 thoughts on “My Makeup Storage..

  1. Haha I have a lot of the same make up as you lol! I purchased the Wake me Up foundation the other day. That’s how I discovered you. Are you British? xxx

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