Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Review..

Everyone loves the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation right?


I really don’t love this. I don’t even like it!

This foundation breaks me out terribly and I hate the way it looks on my skin.  Why do so many people love it? What am I doing wrong with it to make it look so rubbish?

The Fit Me foundation is gel based, and supposed to look completely natural on your skin. It also has no waxes or fillers. I have the shade 115 in a tester that was sent to me by Maybelline, when they were giving free week size testers out. This is one of the palest shades yet still comes out looking too dark for my skin, but the paler shades were too light! Obviously that doesn’t look very good, but not only that, the finish it leaves looks horrendous on me. It dries very matte on my skin and that it something I really don’t like. I prefer to go for a much more dewy finish.

I also find that it feels very thick and that may be the reason why it is causing me to break out? Who knows!

The good thing about this foundation is that there are a lot of shades to choose from. That’s about it though. Sadly this product is not a favourite for me and I am glad that I didn’t actually waste my money and purchase it.

I have heard though, that the concealer and the face powder are amazing, so I may check those out and see if they work better for me!

This is probably quite a controversial review, as I know a lot of people love this, but it’s just not for me :(.

What do you think of it? Have you got any tips on how I can make it work for me?

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Review

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9 thoughts on “Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Review..

  1. That’s such a shame. I got a sample sent to me for my full foundation review on my website and it was the only high street one that was any good. I only used it once though, so it may have broke me out to if i had carried on using it. It was the most natural looking one i tried .. I got a massive rash with the Facefinity one by Max Factor. I always say, you have to try out samples of foundation first because its like putting moisturiser on your face.

  2. I know, it really is a shame cause I was looking forward to trying it. I don’t know what it is, but it just looks really unnatural on my skin. Maybe I should try out a different shade again and see if they are any better! I’m just scared to keep using it cause it makes my skin break out like mad! Yeah it’s really important to try it before you buy it! I guess this is kind of an unfair review as I’m sure it is amazing, it just doesn’t look amazing on me 😦 x

  3. If its giving you breakouts then don’t carry on with it.That means it is not compatible with your skin. I’m sure Facefinity will be also loved by many but i had eyes like a puffer fish with it haha. The Vitalumiere aqua, which you have mentioned is fantastic and non- allergenic, so go to Chanel and ask for a sample of it to try at home. Clinique ones are really great as well, if you want a cheaper one. Their even better one did wonders for my skin and i have problem skin big time. I tend to steer very clear of high street foundations in general, too many cheaper ingredients are used in them.

    • Oh god, that’s not good haha! Everyone is different, so I suppose what works for others won’t work for me etc! Yeah I have been really tempted by the Clinique Even Better foundation, in fact I have a post scheduled about that one. I am thinking about maybe getting a tester of each of the Chanel and Clinique and seeing which I like better! Knowing me though, I will probably end up getting both haha! I know, I have been put off high street foundations for a while now, although the Rimmel Wake Me Up is a firm favourite of mine. What is your favourite high end foundation? I need some recommendations so I can do a big look around x

  4. I have quite an oily t zone so i do like both you mentioned and the Dior Fusion Wear one is lovely too. Guerlain ones are also fantastic haha. Parure de Lumiere feels like your putting water on your face but it gives great coverage. The only high end ones i really didn’t like were Clarins mineral foundation ( just horrible) and Dior Nude foundation ( settled into my fine lines). Its hard to go wrong with high end though. I’ve heard YSL Touche Eclat foundation is too thin and MAC face and body is. So if you want fairly good coverage, i would avoid them

  5. I got a free sample of it too. I “ordered” it when they were already running out of shades, and my shade is too dark, I have to use a lot of bronzer to even my neck area with the face. But other than that I did not have issues with it – it’s not my fav, but pretty good. My skin is normal to (slightly) combination so I assume your skin is more on the oily side?

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