Brown Smokey Eye…


This post is showing you my brown smokey eye look. This is a look that I love to wear on nights out as it looks so glamorous and classy! It’s also very wearable for all types of eyes!


How I do it:

I start by applying a brown with gold shimmer in it all over my lid, keeping to a circular shape at first and then blending out to elongate the eye.

Then, I add a darker more matte brown on the crease to add some depth to the eye.

After this, I add an even darker brown on the corners, and blend together to create a gradual light to dark effect. I blend the eye shadow out to give a cat eye effect!

I then add the first colour (brown with gold shimmer) under neath the eyes, to give a smokey effect. After that, I added highlighter to my brow bone and in the corners of my eyes to open them out.


Then, I apply a thin line of Gel liner over the top lash line, creating a very small flick on the ends, again to give the cat eye effect!

And finally I add a thick coat of mascara. I was going to add false lashes, but I lost them! Woops.

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