MAC Cremeblend Blush Review..

I have already mentioned the MAC cremeblend blush in my “favourite products right now” post, so you probably may already know how much I love this.

I am relatively new to cream blushes, however since trying out a small, tester size cream blush that I had free in a gift set ages ago, I fell in love.
I love the texture of them on the skin, and this MAC blush doesn’t fail to disappoint! The colours in the cremeblend range are all dangerously gorgeous and make me want them all. Now!

I have “Something Special” which is a pretty, light coral, that looks great on my skin tone. A brilliant colour for spring/summer as it is light, flirty and the right touch of coral/pink for your cheeks. Perfecto! 

In my opinion, cream blushes give a more natural effect than the use of a powder blush, or that might be because I am too heavy handed and end up looking like I have extremely rosy cheeks and leave the house rocking the “crazed clown” look.  You can easily fix a cream blush if you accidentally apply to much, which appeals to me a lot! I either use my fingers or a stippling brush to blend onto the skin.

The downside to these are that they can slip on the skin if you are having a particularly oily day. I have noticed that occasionally it can slip and look quite patchy, however using a powder over to set can help prevent this from happening.

Overall though, I would give these a good 8 out of 10. They have a really nice consistency, they look so pretty on and they last a long time too!
What do you guys think about the MAC Cremeblend blushes? Which is your favourite colour?

Oh and by the way, I haven’t taken my own picture, because due to over use, it doesn’t look the prettiest! Oops!


4 thoughts on “MAC Cremeblend Blush Review..

  1. I love cream blushes, too.
    Try using them on the lips as well.
    I have the same shade as you, plus “So Sweet So Easy” and “Ladyblush” (that one in the previous MAC cream blush formula). I like them all.
    If you have access to Inglot cosmetics, try their AMC cream blushes.

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