10 Things To Make You Feel Happier..

Sometimes, we all get days where we feel a bit low and generally rubbish. One of those days where nothing fits right, or nothing looks good! Your hair isn’t doing what you want it to, or you can’t get your make-up to look flawless! Or, you just feel a bit sad and grumpy for no apparent reason (we all get it!).

This is when you need a few things to help you feel better about yourself! I always find that doing a few things like these below, can help to boost your mood and make you feel less crappy!

  1. Go for a walk outside. I know you are probably thinking “um..no” but it does help. I know how hard it is to get the motivation to get up and get outside (especially in the weather we have been having lately in the UK) but seriously, do it! Having a quick walk in the fresh air can release positive endorphins into the body, from brief exercise. You don’t have to go running like a mad woman to release those happy chemicals! See how much better you feel after doing this!
  2. If you don’t have any plans, get in your comfy clothes and curl up with a magazine/book/laptop or whatever you fancy. Take some you time and do what you enjoy for a bit. Sometimes we forget that we are entitled to take time for ourselves, and we don’t always have to try to look good! If you have to go to work/school or any other commitment, then look forward to doing this when you get home. It should make you feel a bit better just thinking about it!
  3. To prevent having bad hair days, plan it the night before! Wash your hair in the evening, so you don’t have to worry about getting up earlier in the morning to do it. I sometimes plait my hair when it’s wet and then leave it overnight, so when I wake up and take the plaits out, I have lovely wavy hair. This needs nothing or very little doing with it, so you can have a few extra minutes in bed!
  4. The same goes with planning your outfit. I have got into the routine of planning my outfit for work the night before now. This eliminates so much un-needed stress in those mornings where nothing seems to be going right. You shouldn’t end up feeling rubbish, if you have pre-planned a nice outfit the night before!
  5. If you are not having a very easy time putting on your make-up, then go for a minimalistic look. Use a BB cream or tinted moisturiser, and a bit of mascara on the eyes. The minimal look is in this year anyway!
  6. Take a hot, relaxing bath with candles and a book or music. Again, use this as your “me time” and take advantage of it. This should perk up your mood and make you feel a bit more fresh and happy!
  7. Talk to someone who makes you happy, whether it being a friend, family member or co-worker. Just talk to someone who makes you smile and laugh and see how much your mood improves!
  8. Blank out any negative people in your life. You don’t need negativity especially from people who are around you a lot of the time. If they make you feel rubbish then they probably are not worthy of being in your life anyway.
  9. Treat yourself to something new! A new purchase always helps to put a smile on someones face.
  10. Be grateful for all that you have. Sometimes just looking around at your surroundings and thinking about all that you have in your life can help to make you feel a bit happier. Being grateful for things is a nice emotion to feel!

Hope these points help if you are having a bad day! What things do you find that helps you?


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