My Favourite YouTuber At The Moment….

One of my favourite YouTuber’s to watch right now is Wayne Goss (gossmakeupartist) simply because he is just amazing at what he does. He is a real artist when it comes to make-up and has helped me progress a lot with my make-up techniques and skills since I have been watching his YouTube channel.

I love how honest he is and the fact that he is actually trying to help people by telling them cheaper products that are usually better than those with a big brand name. He also seems to be such a kind and genuine person, which shows through in his videos! The best thing about him, is that he isn’t afraid to say how crap a product is, which is great for when you are needing an honest review on a product you aren’t certain on!

One of his older videos, was about celebrities without make-up on. This was such a good idea to do for a video and reminds us all that they are just like me or you, they still get spots, under eye circles and wrinkles! They just have a brilliant make-up artist to hand to make them look flawless! Whereas most of us tend to not benefit from that luxury! (I wish though!). He also makes it very clear that make-up is just make-up and that beauty comes from within!

If you haven’t come across his YouTube before, then definitely go check him out! He has two channels, one gossmakeupartist and the other is gossmakeupchat. Go subscribe to him, as his videos are seriously helpful and he seems lovely too! How could you resist hey?

Here’s the video for you!

Who is your favourite Beauty related YouTuber?


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