Different Lip Colours To Go With A Neutral Eye Look…

I thought it may be helpful, to show some different lip colours to go with a neutral eye!

So here are some pictures showing you what lip colours I would wear with this eye look, hope you enjoy!



Red lipsticks go so well with this look, as there isn’t too much going on with the eyes, so you can have a bit of fun with the lips! The winged eye liner combined with the red on the lips gives a nice 20’s/30’s look as well. I am wearing MAC Ruby Woo!



Using a coral lipstick, creates a lovely summer look! It isn’t too much or not enough, and compliments most skin tones. I am wearing MAC Costa Chic (be warned that most of these are MAC..as I am obsessed…oops!).



Fuchsia pinks look really nice with this eye look, as they bring a fresh pop of colour to the face. You can make the colour more sheer by dabbing it lightly on to your lips if you don’t want it to be full on. I am wearing Girl About Town by MAC in this.

Pinks/Light pink:


Baby pinks can look really pretty with a neutral eye. You have to be careful that you don’t go too light for your skin tone though! I think, they give a flirty, summery look to the face, and can look really pretty! I am wearing Saint Germain here by MAC, but very lightly dabbed on.



Orange toned lipsticks are a big favourite of mine, and I think they will be very popular in 2013. They go great with this look, as they compliment with the nude tones used on the eye. I am wearing MAC Vegas Volt (it is coming out more coral on the picture, but it is more orange on the lip).

Purple/Blue toned pinks:


This is another great lip shade to go with this eye look. The blue tones in this colour really bring out blue eyes, and look great on most skin tones too. I am wearing Vintage Pink, Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick!

So there you have a few lip colour ideas to go with neutral eye make up, that can be worn for every day looks or on a night out! What is your favourite look?


6 thoughts on “Different Lip Colours To Go With A Neutral Eye Look…

    • Thanks! And just voted 🙂 I think corals are my favourite as they go nice with my skin tone, but pinks are a close second! Ahh but I am a bit of a lipstick obsessor so every colour really haha! What’s your favourite :)? x

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