5 Steps To Protect Your Skin In The Winter…

We all know how harsh the winter weather can be sometimes, especially to our skin, so I have a few tips on how you can protect your skin in the winter weather, and keep it looking happy and healthy!

  1. The cold weather can irritate your skin greatly, and can bring a long with it an uncomfortable dryness! To prevent this, make sure that you moisturise, lots! A good idea is to go for a more oil based moisturiser, as this helps to create a protective layer to the skin. However, be careful of what oils are in the product! Try and go for natural oils such as almond or avocado oils. These will not clog pores, so they are also helpful for oily skin types.
  2. If your face is feeling extremely dry and uncomfortable, be careful not to use alcohol based toners or cleansers! These strip vital oils away from your skin. A good idea would be to use a very mild foaming cleaner, cleansing milk or a toner with no alcohol in it. Be sure not to use any clay-based face masks too, as these draw out moisture from the face, and will add to the dryness!
  3. Always carry some lip balm along with you wherever you go, if you struggle with dry and chapped lips in the winter. A lip balm, especially one that contains vitamin E, will provide your lips some nourishment and protection from the cold!
  4. If you have dry areas on the skin, apply some petroleum jelly, as this will help sooth the skin if it is cracked and painful.
  5. If using soap on the face, make sure that is of a moisturising texture, and has natural oils in it, to protect your skin from suffering from the cold!

protect your skin in the winter


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