Gold And Bronze Eye Makeup Look..

Using gold and bronze colours on my eyes, is one of my favourite looks. I find that it really pops out my eyes, and is flattering for most eye colours!

Here’s how I do it:

I start by putting a primer all over my eyes, to even the skin tone and for a smoother application. It also helps to keep the shadows on for much longer and helps bring out the colours more.

I then put a nude tone over my eyes, I use naked out of the urban decay naked palette. I then use a gold over the top and blend in the colours together. The gold tone I use is Woodwinked by MAC.

In the corners and the crease I then add a bit of scrumptious olive by MAC, to give a bit of depth to the eye. Once blended in nicely, I use another shade from MAC which is mythology, a bronze/warm gold! This creates a nice contrast between the light and dark gold tones and brings out the blue in my eyes. I also use mythology lightly underneath they eye too, to create a smokey effect.


To bring a bit more depth to the eye, I add a bit of Keep It Cool again by MAC, which is a dark brown. This goes into the crease of my eye to create more of a defined and structured look to the shadows. I then blend it all together.

I use a gel liner to create a thick line all across my eye and a little flick at the end. Not too long as I want the attention to be more on the colours. I also use the liner in my waterline too. And then add some mascara to the lashes! You can add false lashes if you are wanting a bit more glam!

I love this look, and it is my go to night out makeup that I think adds a bit of sparkle and glam to your face!

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