What Do YOU Think Is Hot Or Not..?

So we all know that everyone has different styles and opinions and especially when it comes to makeup. I often find that I have a really bad habit of judging people by how they wear their makeup even though I know I shouldn’t!

People can do what the hell they like with their face, seeing as it belongs to them! But there is something in me that wants to scream “BLEND IN THAT EYESHADOW!” or “YOU HAVE A FOUNDATION LINE!”. Do you get that too? Or am I just a bit of a makeup maniac that needs to calm down?…Probably that one.

What I want to know if what do you think is hot or not? What looks are you loving and what are you hating? What makeup techniques make you excited and want to try out and what make you cringe?

Being a makeup enthusiast I am genuinely interested in what other people think and want to hear your opinions too.

I personally think that the lips will be the main point in 2013, with sooo many new bold colours coming out to the limelight. Oranges, bright electric pinks and reds. I think it’s an exciting time for lipstick lovers like myself!

What do you think?

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4 thoughts on “What Do YOU Think Is Hot Or Not..?

  1. I think the biggest makeup no no’s for me are; people who wear the wrong shade of foundation, usually way to dark for their skin and wear the wrong eye shadows for their eye colour. I don’t get too upset about whether they blend well or not .more just the fact that they could look so much better with the right shades and their not doing themselves any favours. In fairness though, it took me some time to learn what was right for me because it is a technique/art after all isn’t it?

    • Oh definitely, don’t get me wrong, I am not amazing at makeup or blending, it’s just when girls do a smokey eye and like, there is literally blotches of colour just there and it doesn’t flatter their eyes at all! And I agree with you about foundation shade…although I think I went through a stage of doing that back when I first started wearing makeup haha.

  2. Yes i wore shades a bit too dark for my skin too until a Chanel makeup artist did a makeover for me. I never used to wear bronzing powders or knew what contouring was back then haha. We learn as we go and i never ever wore eyeshadow until 5 years ago because i was no good at applying it or blending but i think i’m quite alright now, not brilliant but much better

    • Yeah it takes practice doesn’t it! Some days my make up ends up looking rubbish but then others it looks good! Reading back through this post, it makes me sound like such a makeup snob haha! I must admit, I had no idea what contouring was untill a bout 2 years ago and only just mastered it (kinda) now! x

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