Products That Don’t Contain Parabens!

I am technically what you would call, a bit “paranoid” about what it is that I am actually putting onto my skin. I guess I am one of those people who looks at the ingredients and checks for any nasties, although pretty much everything you use, eat, drink and breath has at least a few nasty chemicals in them!

I am better than I used to be, (I may or may not have gone through a stage of chucking quite a few products away because they contained parabens..I will explain what they are if you don’t know later in the post!). I mean, I do love my makeup, so being choosy about what goes onto your face can be quite an annoying trait to have. It boils down to toiletries more than makeup really. Things like, deodorant,  toothpaste, bubble baths and shower gels, the things we use everyday!

Paraben’s can be found in most toiletries, and are basically a set of chemicals which are widely used as preservatives. They are obviously good for that, but the worrying thing about them is that they have been found to be in connection with breast cancer tumors, and also have been displaying signs of effecting estrogen, the hormone females produce. This has caused more worry that it could also be causing the increase in early puberty in girls. Worrying isn’t it? 

Of course, these are not stone cold hard facts, but the statistics do show some quite startling figures!

IT DOESN’T mean that because you are using (and have been using products that contain parabens all your life) that you will get breast cancer or any other horrible illness, but it does show that maybe we do need to be a little bit more careful about what we put on to our skin?

Dr. Organic, Photo courtesy of

Dr. Organic

Health shops such as Holland & Barrett stock great organic and paraben free products, and after using many myself I would definitely recommend them. Not only for the fact that they are good for your skin, but they also do a great job too!

The Dr. Organic Aloe Vera moisturiser was my life saver. When I put on weight, I also gained a few stretch marks to add to the delight(!) and I really felt like nothing was helping. This moisturiser not only made me skin regain a healthy amount of moisture back, but also pretty much completely faded the marks, which was amazing!

The deodorant was the best I have ever used, and literally would last all day to keep my arm pits fresh! And their shampoos are brilliant too at really giving your hair and scalp a good old cleanse the healthy way!

So there are good products out there that are made from just pure natural ingredients. They aren’t that expensive and last just as long as any other. If you do worry about parabens and what you put on your skin, then it is definitely worth checking them out!


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