How To Apply Face Powder..

A lot of women have the opinion that face powder is bad for you, that it clogs up pores and that it accentuates lines and wrinkles. However, face powders are the extra secret in making your skin look that little extra bit flawless, as long as it is applied correctly!

So HOW do you apply it correctly?


First of all, make sure that the powder is the exact match to your foundation. You are trying to create a flawless effect, not add extra colour. If you use a different colour over top, you will end up with it looking caked on and it will ruin the hard work of applying the foundation in the first place!

face powder

Powder Brushes:

If you are using a loose powder, then it is best to use a larger powder brush. However, the trick is to PAT the powder onto your skin rather than actually sweeping it over. This patting technique stops the foundation from moving underneath and ruining the coverage you created.  You will want to work from the forehead to the chin, as if you work from the chin upwards you will create a dull grey appearance to the skin, due to the fine hairs on your face standing on end.

Pressed powder, can be harder to work with due to the brush not picking it up as well, and it shouldn’t be applied underneath the eyes, as this will then pick up any unwanted lines and make your skin look older,so a loose powder is better for that area.  However, to use a pressed powder, use the same technique with your brush, starting from forehead down.


Powder Puffs:

The powder puff was originally used for thick application, but used the right way, you can create a light coverage.

First you need to roll the powder puff around middle and ring fingers. Press it first into the powder then  against the back of the hand, or flick off the excess. Apply to face from forehead to chin in short, light, rolling motions. You can then use a brush to sweep away any excess powder, or for a more flawless dewy appearance, pat into the foundation with a damp sponge.


With a Damp Sponge:

The thought of using a damp sponge to many, is quite daunting! Especially whilst using a matte powder! However this technique, can give you the flawless glowing effect that make up artists use on photographed models!

It is a good idea to apply from a cosmetic tissue, in order to avoid clumping in the powder.

Hold the sponge as described for the powder puff method above and, working from forehead to chin, quickly press the powder into the foundation covering the largest area possible. It will look messy to begin with, but by continued pressing,  the powder and foundation will bond flawlessly for a peachy, natural effect that lasts hours!

powder brushesflawless skin


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