My Plans and Hopes for 2013

So, 2012 has gone and 2013 has arrived! How fast did that happen? Scary isn’t it!

2012 was a pretty good year for me, and I achieved lots of things I didn’t think I could. I overcome a long period of anxiety and gained 2 new jobs doing things I would NEVER have done previously due to lack of confidence.

My hopes for 2013 are to just lead a positive life. By that I mean, think positively and positive things will happen. I guess I’m quite superstitious when it comes to things like this and I really do swear by it. Since I changed my attitude towards the way I look at things, so many great things have happened.

Instead of feeling bored and down and just looking on Facebook constantly, I started watching beauty gurus on YouTube. This enabled me to grow in my knowledge of makeup and also inspired me to create this blog. I hope that my blog will grow throughout 2013 and reach out to beauty lovers alike and help me to interact with different people about the subject I am so passionate about!

I have high hopes for this year and hope it is even better for me than 2012, but of course it will be, because life is what you make it! I don’t believe in luck, I believe that things happen for a reason and things will just fall into place if they are meant to be. So with that thought, I will leave you to think about how you want your 2013 to turn out, because remember that anything is possible!

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