Look’s That I Am Lovin’…

I thought it would be fun to write a short post on the current make up looks that I am loving at the moment! I am planning to actually take some of my own pictures of looks I have done on myself soon (but right now I have a cold and I look like death so…not a good look!).

I have found a few images on weheartit.com that are looks that I love at this moment in time, so enjoy!

Winged Eyliner

First of all is Winged Eyeliner, basically a flicking of the eyeliner to produce a cat eye effect. This is something I have only just been able to achieve without looking like a mental Amy Winehouse impersonator! The only reason I have been able to just about perfect it, is due to the fact I actually got round to buying a decent eyeliner brush. Mine was from e.l.f, and is an angled brush. It in my opinion is excellent and extremely easy to use! In fact I love most e.l.f brushes if I am honest. (Click here to see the brush on the e.l.f site)  But yeah, back to the eyeliner!

This look is achievable by using either a liquid or a gel eyeliner (I prefer Gel but that’s just my preference). You could use a pencil but I find that much harder and can be quite hard to get it to look neat. This is such a timeless look and can be altered to your eye shape. I think it is a classy look and also quick and easy if you can’t be bothered to put loads of make up on but want something to give your eyes a bit of a boost. This look also looks great with a really bold lip, as you haven’t got too much going on with the eyes.

Gold tone smokey eyes

I am also really loving a gold toned smokey eye look too, and this is easily do-able with the use of the Urban Decay Naked Palette! I think gold tone colours look great on any eye colour, especially blue! It gives that extra bit of a glam for a night out and the dark colours in the corner add a bit of drama and smokeyness to the eye. Beautiful! I will post some pictures on how I do this look soon I promise! Woodwinked eye shadow by MAC and Make Your Mark in Pro Longwear Eye shadow also by MAC are good colours to use to recreate this look.

Bright Lips

Another new obsession is wearing a bright lip! Not everyone can get away with it and a lot of people are too scared (like I used to be). However, after trying out new colours on my lips I came to realise that bright barbie pinks really do look quite nice with my skin tone and eyes. I use Saint Germain and Girl About Town by Mac to create a really lovely bright pink that is also very wearable as well as beautiful. As you can see in this photo attached:

Me with my fave bright lip combo

I have lots of more looks to talk to you about, but I want to do them on myself and use my own pictures to blog about them! Hope you have enjoyed, and let me know what your favourite looks are too!


4 thoughts on “Look’s That I Am Lovin’…

    • Thank you! I have tried doing this way previously but the brush I was using was crap (I blame the brush not myself…haha). However now I have got a decent one and upgraded my skills a little bit, I think using this technique will help me a bit more. The main thing I struggle with is getting either side even!!

    • Thank you for such a lovely comment 🙂 Finally decided it was about time to start blogging as been wanting to for ages, I really like your blog too. It can be so hard taking pictures though with the cats roaming about, think they love the lime light a bit too much haha x

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