My MAC Lipstick Collection..

I think anybody who knows me, knows that I am pretty obsessed with MAC lipsticks. I have been building my mac lipstick collection for the past few months and don’t have half as many as I would like to have, but bills come first (even though I reallllly wish they didn’t!).

I absolutely love reading blog posts of people’s lipstick collections, so I decided to write my own.

(Before I get started, the quality of the photo’s isn’t as great as I would like, but will be getting a new camera within the next couple of months! Also, I had an accident with nail varnish so some of the lipsticks have nail varnish stained on them! I know, I know…how could I let that happen!).

My first purchase was Please Me, which is a Matte finish and a very pretty rose tinted pink. It looks lovely on the lips, especially on my skin tone however it can be quite drying seeing as it is a matte. So if you have very dry lips you will need to use lots of lip balm before you apply this otherwise it will just settle into the creases of your lip and won’t look very nice. Overall I love the colour and it’s one of my most worn lipsticks!

Please Me

MAC lipstick in Please Me

My next purchase was Kinda Sexy, which I have to say isn’t one of my favourites and I hardly wear it. I think it is better for slightly darker skin tones as it seems to wash me out a little but it is a lovely colour. It is also a Matte finish which again means it is extremely drying on the lips. This does look nice with a gloss over it and paired with a smokey eye or brown toned eye shadows.

Kinda Sexy

MAC Lipstick in Kinda Sexy

Next is Ruby Woo, which is an absolutely beautiful blue toned red colour. I LOVE it, and it really suits my skin tone and also makes your teeth appear whiter due to the blue in the colour (which is always a bonus hey!). It again is a Matte, but this is such a great finish for this colour as I don’t tend to like shiny red lipsticks. It stays on the lip for ages, however it does bleed so you will need a lip liner! It’s a good idea to use a lip primer too to get the optimum colour out of it. This is one of my favourites but I sadly don’t wear it enough as I should.

Ruby Woo

MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo

The next colour is Ravishing, a lovely peached toned colour that is flattering for most complexions (except if you a really really fair or really really dark). I think it has to be one of my most worn and favourites. It is a cremesheen finish which means it is very nourishing on the lips but doesn’t last as long as a matte finish. I prefer the cremesheen finishes however as they feel much nicer on the lip and give a really nice effect. Ravishing is such a nice colour and looks great with people who have blue eyes I think!


MAC Lipstick in Ravishing

Another lipstick I have is Costa Chic which is a frost finish. Gorgeous colour but very bold! So if you aren’t too keen on bright colours this might not be to your taste, but I LOVE it. It is an extremely flattering colour on the lips and due to it being a frost, it isn’t too full on! It is a bright light coral and looks beautiful on most skin tones. Looks great on a night out look!

Costa Chic

MAC Lipstick in Costa Chic

After that is Girl About Town, which is an amplified finish which means the pigment is very full on and I think it has to be one of my favourite finishes by MAC. Girl About Town is a gorgeous bright blue toned fuchsia and I adore it. Again due to the blue tones in this, it makes your teeth appear whiter. I love this lip colour and think it looks great on it’s own or paired with a gloss on top if you want it to be a bit more glossy. I recommend this colour if you are looking for a bright fuchsia, it lasts for AGES!

Girl About Town

MAC Lipstick in Girl About Town

And then there is Saint Germain which is another amplified finish. This is a very light pastel pink and if worn wrong it can look terrible (for instance when it is caked on and paired with orange skin…no! Just no.) However, if worn the correct way this is such a pretty colour although it only suits a few skin tones, try it out at a counter and see if it suits you. I like to wear it underneath Girl About Town so it makes a really lovely bright pink that isn’t too light or too dark, just right. Saint Germain is a very daring colour to wear on its own, but as I said if done the right way it is beautiful on the lips.

Saint Germain

MAC Lipstick Saint Germain

Next is Vegas Volt, which is described on the MAC site as a “full power coral” and that is what it is! This is an amplified finish. A lot of people may think that it is too much, but I think it looks gorgeous on the lips. It is very bright, very pigmented and lasts a long time as all MAC lipsticks do. I would recommend this if you love orangey toned lipsticks, it also looks great with a tan or on fair skin. I really really like this lipstick and will be wearing it a lot this year.

Vegas Volt

MAC Lipstick in Vegas Volt

And finally there is Speed Dial, which is a cremesheen formula. This is my absolute favourite and is the most prettiest colour out of my collection so far I think. It looks gorgeous on and is very nourishing and comfortable to wear. It looks great with most eye shadow colours and suits most skin tones too. I would recommend this if you are looking for a pretty pink colour that isn’t too light. Lovely!

Speed Dial

MAC Lipstick in Speed Dial

I also have Dubonnet (although don’t have it with me at the moment!) Which is a beautiful deepened claret colour and looks beautiful on, it’s a great Autumn/Winter colour to have and looks good on everyone if worn right. I will make sure to add a picture when I have it with me!

Hope you enjoyed looking through, and I hope it has helped you if you have been un-sure of what colour to go for! If you need any more info on any of the colours please feel free to leave a comment :).

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